Celebrate Holidays in Seattle Apartment

Arranging a get-together in your Seattle apartment can prove to be the ultimate challenge when you live in a humble abode without a tremendous amount of extra space. 

If you’re usually the only one in residence, or you don’t often entertain, you might wonder how you can fit your entire family or a group of friends in your apartment and remain sane for the evening. The excitement of a holiday like Thanksgiving or Christmas can make things even crazier when the family is involved.

While you can’t magically create an extra room in your apartment, you can actually increase the amount of room you have to entertain, if only temporarily. Here are a few ways to fit those extra guests into your Thanksgiving or holiday party this year, even if you live in a small apartment. 

Don’t Leave Things Until the Last Minute

One factor that can impact the enjoyment o your guests is the quality of food and the overall feel of your apartment. An experience that seems haphazard and hastily prepared might not encourage your guests to return in the future.

Apartment Guide reveals:

“Not having enough time to get everything put away while trying to plan a party at the same time is going to leave you stressed out and making bad decisions about how to run the party. Give yourself time to get moved in and used to your new space before trying to radically repurpose it for a large group of people.” 

If you’ve never hosted a party before, or you’re worried about stuffing a bunch of people into your apartment, try moving around furniture and trying out different space-saving solutions before the day of your event. It might take a few tries for you to figure out the ideal way to arrange furniture and provide enough seating for your guests. 

Consider: Ask a neighbor to borrow a few chairs if you find you don’t have enough places for guests to sit. 

Don’t Forget to Ventilate Your Place

Your apartment might feel quite comfortable throughout the year, but if you pack your one-bedroom apartment with ten more bodies, you might end up feeling a little squished and overheated by the end of the night.

Even if it’s a cold night and everyone needs jackets and gloves outside, you might actually need an open window or a fan on with a group of friends in your apartment. The heat factor can increase even more if you spend the afternoon with the oven on or the burners running on the stove in preparation for feeding your guests.

You can cut down on the ambient heat in your apartment if you have your event catered or have some food delivered rather than making it on your own. Even if you don’t have the entire affair catered, you can reduce the overall amount of heat created in the apartment by having a few main dishes catered and cooking the rest on your own. 

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