Smart Seattle Apartment Search

If you’ve been searching for an apartment in Seattle, you probably already know that there are apartments available at all sorts of rates and with all types of amenities. Some apartments are high end with rare luxuries, and other apartments are calm and basic affairs with just the right amount of comfort and peace.

Even if you’ve searched for apartments before, you can still benefit from these tips that may help you move into the apartment of your choice.

Budgeting Tips When Searching for an Apartment

For many renters, the most important part of the discussion when searching for an apartment is the rental cost, but the monthly rent check isn’t the only way to determine the cost of an apartment.

One of the most important things you can do during your apartment search if you’re worried about your budget is to examine all of your monthly costs beyond your rent check each month. This examination isn’t just one where you look at how much you eat out at restaurants and spend on gas.

You should also figure out the additional costs of living in your apartment. Apartment List shares:

“Does the property charge extra for pets or parking? A standard pet fee and deposit will usually run you $500, with a monthly pet rent that varies depending on location. Pet rents in Orlando generally hover around $10-15, but they can be as high as $50 in San Diego.”

It’s also important to consider the utilities you’ll need to pay and the average cost of those utilities in your new city. If you’re moving from a rural area into Seattle, you might need to increase the amount you normally pay for things like electricity or water.

Don’t Forget: Will your new apartment offer you a longer or shorter drive to work? Will you be able to use public transportation or your bicycle to reach work?

Making Your Apartment Search a Creative Endeavor

Most apartment hunters have the same general questions when searching for a new apartment. What are the lease terms? Is there a parking spot? What utilities are included? Getting the answers to these questions can help you score the best apartment for your wants and needs.

However, one creative bit of searching you might want to add to your hunt is whether there are any middle floor units available in your desired apartment community. The top and bottom floors of apartment complexes are usually quite popular for their views and the ease with which tenants can access their apartments.

Sometimes, apartment properties offer lower rent for units that sit in the middle of two other floors. Living on a middle floor might help you live in your preferred apartment community, even if you’re not living on the exact floor you desire.

Searching for a Great Apartment in Seattle?

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