Workout in Your Seattle Apartment

Living in a Seattle apartment opens the doors to several physical health benefits. Hiking, cycling, and walking are amazing activities in the Pacific Northwest because the wilderness is so incredibly beautiful, but even the most incredible vistas can become inaccessible when the weather won’t cooperate.

If you regularly head outside to exercise and are moving to Seattle for the first time, it’s a good idea to learn how to work out inside, whether it’s at a gym or right inside your apartment.

Exercising in an apartment is really convenient, and it’s easy to accomplish, too. Here are a few tips for getting your workout in, even if it’s pouring outside.

You Don’t Need to Buy Anything for Indoor Workouts at Your Seattle Apartment

One of the misconceptions about working out in your home is that you have to invest in all sorts of expensive equipment in order to get a really good workout. However, just the simple act of jumping rope can offer some amazing health benefits if you do them regularly.

Men’s Journal offers an amusing take on having to workout inside when there’s bad weather outside:

“Nasty weather forces the outdoor-workout crowd into the local sweatbox—and when you’d rather be outside, there’s nothing duller than spending time in a gym surrounded by ear-bud wearing, smartphone-scrolling, mirror-obsessed posers.”

Minor purchases on basic equipment like jump ropes and foam rolls can offer some excellent options for indoor workouts that don’t take up any room in your apartment. If you live in a small apartment like a studio or a small one-bedroom, fitting a full weight rack, a stationary bicycle, and other equipment might be a little on the impossible side.

Fortunately, you can get a really great strength workout with minimal changes made to your apartment.

Yes, You Can Do Cardio in Your Apartment

Sure, you can buy yourself a treadmill if you really want to get some cardio workouts in while you’re inside your apartment, but treadmills aren’t always the best option for apartment dwellers who live above other residents.

Plus, treadmills are often costly and take up a lot of real estate in what might be a small residence. Sure, you can get a non-motorized treadmill that folds up neatly, but there are actually some easier options for getting sweaty and getting a good cardio workout.

One option is to add planks to your workout Shape Magazine offers a great option for boosting your calorie burn in the middle of your cardio workout:

“Quickly bend left arm and lower down onto left forearm. Repeat with right arm. Immediately place left hand under shoulder and straighten left arm, pressing body up. Repeat with right arm to return to plank position. Continue, repeating entire move.”

After jumping rope, running in place, and doing some power squats, you’ll have a great workout behind you.

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