Extra Space in Your Seattle Apartment

Having extra space in your City North Seattle apartment is a good problem. Whether it is an extra room or a corner in the living area, you can use that space to create a special haven for yourself.

Fill The Empty Corners of Your Seattle Apartment

If you are looking at an empty corner and wondering what to do, the possibilities are endless.  You can make a gallery wall, full of family photos or pictures you have taken on vacations.

Add a small table and a chair, and then it becomes a quiet nook for reading.  A desk, with a small lamp and a computer in that corner creates a great place to do homework for the kids or an organized place for paying bills and shopping online.

If you are gifted with a green thumb, that corner would be beautiful with a large plant or a plant stand with many indoor plants and succulents. This will add color and bring the outdoors in.  An empty corner in your Seattle apartment can become your family’s central command center.

Organization Is Always an Option for Space

Hang a whiteboard, a calendar and place a basket on the floor to keep things organized and ready for a family on the go. This is Seattle, so a little corner coffee bar might just what you need.  A rolling cart with your coffee machine and all the necessities may fit in that corner perfectly. Is art you thing?  A corner near a window provides the perfect spot for an easel.  Set up your canvas, and use the skyline as your inspiration.

Go Nuts with an Extra Room

If you are lucky enough to have an empty room in your City North Seattle apartment, you can let your creativity run wild. An empty room can make any sports enthusiast a perfect sports den.  Set up a big screen, some recliners and tables then let the games begin.  When the games are over for the day, or night, your sports lounge can double as a home theater but don’t forget the room darkening window treatments.

Do you like to entertain?  That extra room can become your own bar/lounge.  With the right décor, your guests can have the feel of a small, luxurious lounge, yet enjoy the quiet personal feel of hanging out with good friends. During the day, let it double as your own coffee shop!

An extra room is a bonus to any crafter or tailor. Pegboard, lazy susans, baskets of fabric, scans of yarn and a large table to make things happen would be any crafters dream. And of course, if there is the pitter-patter of little feet in your Seattle apartment, a playroom would be ideal.

Keeping all of the toys in one room makes it easier to organize and clean up. How about a quiet room? A busy life sometimes requires a good nap or a few minutes of yoga. Creating a room for relaxation will recharge your body, soul and mind.

Enjoy Your New Seattle Apartment at City North

Extra space in your Seattle apartment is such a good problem to have. You can turn any corner or a room into your own personalized space. Extra space allows you a place for creative living and gives your City North Seattle some flexibility in apartment living. Contact us today to find out how to apply for your new Seattle apartment!