Tips Moving North Seattle Apartment

Are you looking at a relocation to a North Seattle apartment? The process can certainly lead to some exciting things like getting to know a new city or neighborhood, as well as getting to create a welcoming home out of your new Seattle apartment.

When planning your move, it’s important to plan well and strive for an efficient and affordable move, but it’s also important to consider some safety tips, too. Moving to a new apartment isn’t completely without its perils, and the following considerations are important.

Switching Over Your Mail, Utilities, and Everything Else to Your Seattle Apartment

One of the hassles of moving is switching the addresses for your magazines, credit card statements, utilities, and everything else that you receive at your home. Forgetting just one statement can lead to identity theft or extra charges on your bills when a delivery failure leads to a late payment.

Also, have you considered what you’ll do with your mail while you move? You might not actually have a physical address for a few days, especially if you’re moving across the country.

An article from Mayflower explains:

“Have the post office hold all mail during your move, and have deliveries sent to your office address, if possible. Avoid having packages or mail sent to the new address until you move in.”

If you’re not sure whether you’ll miss some of the mail when it gets delivered, you might consider updating your address well in advance of your move and having the post office hold your mail until you’re moved in at your new address and can begin collecting your mail.

If you’re sure you will be living in the same city for the foreseeable future, you can also consider getting a post office box and using that address for your mail. You’ll never have to worry again about having your mail held for a move.

Explore Your New Neighborhood with a Friend

One of the most valuable activities you can engage in when you move to your new apartment is an examination of your new neighborhood. It’s important to know where the community’s safety services are (like hospitals, police stations, and the fire department), as well as the relative safety level of the area.

While you can look at the crime statistics associated with a particular area to gauge its overall safety level, it’s actually much more effective to actually walk through the neighborhood to get a feel for it.

Not only can a walk through the neighborhood help you learn about your new home, but it can also give you great information on the best roads for walking, whether it’s safe to go out at night, and where you’ll be safe riding your bicycle and participating in other activities.

Your New Seattle Apartment Awaits at City North Seattle

Seattle is a diverse, dynamic, and large city where there are thousands of apartment homes. Finding the perfect home might feel like an impossible task, but we think you’ll find it easy when you choose an apartment at City North Seattle. Contact one of our leasing agents today to set up a time to visit.