Smart Budgeting for a Seattle Apartment

An apartment community is a terrific place to raise a family, particularly when the community is family-friendly, has great security, and comes with amenities like playgrounds and swimming pools. Many families can save money on the household budget when they choose to live in a Seattle apartment rather than live in a house but paying less each month as an apartment dweller isn’t an automatic benefit and does take some work.

Even families who choose to live an affordable lifestyle in an apartment must make smart decisions for the monthly budget. Here are some tasks and projects you may want to consider as an apartment dweller with a family who wants to save money every month.

Begin Your Apartment Search on a Strict Budget

One of the issues that apartment dwellers face is the prospect of paying too much for rent. Unfortunately, many families look at the amount of rent a particular apartment community charges and assume that $50 or $100 extra each month isn’t a big deal. However, if you think about it, that’s anywhere from $600 to $1,200 a year more in rent, which could put a strain on a family budget.

The best way to reduce the likelihood of budget problems down the road is to begin life in a new apartment with a rental payment that the family won’t strain to cover. Job changes, layoffs, and other financial problems can always come at any time, but those difficult issues will become that much more problematic if the family is already paying too much for rent at the time of the event.

Put a Price on Everything Before You Move

Your apartment search may come with some requirements such as access to public transportation, amenities like playgrounds, and other family-friendly features. It’s also a good idea to take a look at the other items beyond rent you may need to cover when living in a particular Seattle apartment community.

Mashable has some excellent advice on keeping bills low after you move into your new Seattle apartment:

“Read your lease carefully and know exactly what maintenance and utility bills you’ll be directly responsible for (versus whatever should be covered by your landlord). Check if your landlord will cover: Air conditioning filter replacement, utilities such as electricity and water, maintenance on plumbing issues, etc. Be sure you know under what circumstances you’ll have to foot the bill for repairs and when your landlord or management company will handle these expenses.”

Not only can you ensure your family isn’t over-budget by finding an apartment you can afford, but you can also be prepared for paying the monthly bills by knowing ahead of time how much money you must set aside. A list of the bills you’ll need to pay in a particular community can also help you figure out whether saving $20 a month is worth it in one apartment community versus another.

If you have to pay for wireless internet access at one apartment community, but you don’t need to pay it at another, those calculations can enter into your overall decision regarding which community might offer a more affordable option and which community might have some hidden costs associated with residency.

Don’t Forget These Bills When Creating a Budget for Your Seattle Apartment

You already know you have to pay rent each month, so that part of your monthly expenditures shouldn’t be a surprise when you create your budget. However, there are some costs you may need to add into your budget that aren’t immediately obvious or that you might not have had to pay for in your previous apartment.

Here are a few of the different bills you might need to pay each month:

  • Renters insurance – It’s a good idea to have renters insurance anyway, but many apartment communities actually require the insurance in the rental agreement.
  • Transportation – If you currently live near the train station and will likely move to a place where you’ll need a car, you’ll need to figure out the difference in cost between the two.
  • Utilities – Check on the utilities you’ll need to pay in each apartment you tour, so you can get a more accurate picture of the costs associated with living there.

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