North Seattle Apartment Living

The American Dream often includes home ownership, but living in an apartment even when you can afford to buy a house is a sensible move for some families, as well as one that can provide some unique advantages and benefits over time.

Moving from an Apartment is Easy

One of the hassles that come with buying a house is the preparation and work involved in moving from one home to another. It’s quite a balancing act to sell a house at the same time you find another house to purchase, and moving from one city to another when you own a house can become an expensive and time-consuming affair.

In some cases, families must reside in a Seattle apartment for a month or two while they secure a new home in a new city, and other families must pay two mortgages at the same time after they move to a new town and a new home while their old house is still on the real estate market. Moving from an apartment is a breeze, and some apartment communities even offer short-term leases of three or six months for the ultimate level of flexibility.

Spend Less on Housing and More on Entertainment and Fun

Living in an apartment can offer a less expensive living situation, and it may allow you to enjoy the outdoors, entertainment, and everything your local city has to offer without breaking the bank. Although home ownership can provide an excellent option for wealth building, the process of gaining equity can take a significant number of years to accomplish.

If you live in a city with a vibrant nightlife or many opportunities for living outdoors, spending less money on living expenses and more money on seeing the sights and sounds of your city can help you lead a healthy and active lifestyle.

You Might Consider a Small Seattle Apartment

It’s not uncommon to want a vast living space with tons of closets, extra rooms, and bathrooms you never even see, but there are some surprising advantages to living in a small space. Not only does apartment living come with advantages over living in a house, but it also offers extra benefits when you choose a small apartment or a studio.

For example, furnishing a small apartment is a lot less expensive than filling a huge space with furniture. Local Adventurer explains:

“Let’s face it, you don’t get a 4 bedroom house to only furnish half of it. You need to fill it with appropriately sized furniture, meaning the bigger the house, the bigger the furniture. When we moved into our home in Atlanta, it took us a while to completely furnish our house piece by piece. Now that we’re in a much smaller space, it’s easier to buy a few impactful pieces, and the same budget with fewer pieces means you can focus on quality.”

If you accept a temporary job assignment in a city where you’ve never lived, inhabiting a small apartment can help you avoid having to purchase a ton of furniture, and it can also save you money on rent versus living in a single-family home or a huge apartment.

Find Your New Apartment at City North Seattle

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