Family in an Apartment

Seattle has seen a welcome wave of beautiful new apartments and homes built in the past few years, and many families have begun to search for larger homes and apartments to fit their growing families.

If you’re making a move from a small apartment to one with multiple bedrooms due to a forthcoming expansion of your family, you may wonder how many bedrooms you might need. Some families will thrive in huge apartments, and other families won’t need anything more than a cozy residence.

Here are some things to think about as you figure out how big your apartment should be for your family.

Bathrooms Sometimes Carry More Importance than Bedrooms in a Seattle Apartment

Bathrooms are often a massive priority for roommates who both happen to get ready at the same time in the morning. Two working adults who both work the classic nine to five schedule may both need to use the bathrooms at the same time in the morning, which means having two bathrooms is almost mandatory.

However, families don’t always have the same demands for bathrooms, but it’s a topic worth discussing. A family with a small child who isn’t yet in school might not need an extra bath because the child isn’t at a point where he or she needs the space before school in the morning. On the other hand, a family with a few teenagers might really need that extra bathroom to avoid fights and strife before school in the morning.

According to an article in the real estate section of Oregon Live:

“Smaller apartments like studios and one bedrooms almost always have only one bathroom, but larger two-bedroom and three-bedroom units may have one, one and a half or two bathrooms. If you have roommates, it’s tough sharing a bathroom, so you may want to up the size of your apartment.”

Figuring out how many bathrooms you need might make it easier to cross off unsuitable apartment communities from your list and make it easier to complete your search and set up your Seattle apartment tours.

Take a Look at the Neighborhood Before You Sign the Lease

An apartment community might have all the features you want inside its gates and behind its doors, but will it have everything you need in the neighborhood, too?

An article from shares:

“Before signing a lease, walk around the neighborhood to get a sense of the community. You’ll be able to better assess the general age and demographics of the neighborhood by spending time in that location. You should also investigate the area’s safety record. To do this, you can check various sites.”

You may want to visit the apartment at various times of the day or week. What’s the neighborhood like after dark? Are there nearby parks and nice sidewalks around the community?

Spend a little time driving around the area to gauge whether it’s a nice place for families. When you’ve found a great neighborhood, you can begin searching for apartment communities with residences in your preferred size.

Enjoy the Good Life at City North Seattle

Whether you’re a singleton or a couple or a family, we have a wonderful Seattle apartment home for you at City North. Our amenities offer opportunities for fun and relaxation, and you’ll love the friendly atmosphere in our community. Contact one of our leasing agents today for more information on our Seattle apartments.