North Seattle Apartment Amenities

Location and price are two of the most essential considerations for apartment hunters, but amenities aren’t something to be forgotten during the search for an excellent North Seattle apartment.

Specific amenities can represent a significant benefit in terms of cost versus reward. For example, one apartment community with an on-site gym might cost an average of $20 more per month for rent, which is often less expensive than the average gym membership.

Not only can the presence of an on-site gym provide a financial benefit and reduction in overall monthly costs for the average renter, but it can also provide a more accessible and quicker option for visiting the gym.

An on-site gym is just one amenity that can offer tremendous value. Here are some ways to maximize the available amenities at your chosen apartment community in North Seattle.

This Amenity is Worth the Extra Cost

Luxury apartment communities often provide extra amenities beyond the simple apartment and parking spot, but those extras tend to come with a higher monthly rent. If you’re shopping for a new apartment, you might wonder whether the amenities touted as “luxury” are actually worth the extra cost.

According to an article from Forbes, some amenities are definitely worth the bump in rent, but others aren’t worth as much. Features like free Wi-Fi and an on-site gym are valuable, but extra storage is also a valuable feature.

“Besides quick access to your bike and seasonal decorations, an on-site storage closet may save you from looking for another bedroom, which can cost more than $500 extra in rent per month.”

If you have extra items that are only used on a seasonal basis, or you just have some extra possessions that would otherwise sit in a closet for most of the year, on-site storage can save you loads of time and money. Instead of moving into a more expensive and larger apartment, you can use the extra storage at your luxury apartment community.

This Amenity’s Value Depends on Your Lifestyle

One of the most sought-after features in an apartment community is the in-unit washer and dryer. Hauling your clothing over to the community laundry room is an activity that many renters associate with their first apartment. However, the simple existence of a washer and dryer in an apartment unit isn’t always worth the extra cost for every apartment dweller.

The Tiny Living blog reveals:

“In-unit laundry, on the other hand, is a feature estimated to add a 5% premium to your rent. If you don’t own a washer and dryer, the convenience of having them provided might be worth it, although you’ll use more electricity.”

If you don’t do much laundry because you live alone or you don’t have kids (children always seem to quadruple the amount of laundry for the average family), you might not benefit so much from in-unit laundry machines.

If you’re trying to find ways to reduce your rent, living in an apartment complex with a community laundry room might be one option to consider.

Enjoy the Amenities at City North Seattle

From the landscaped courtyard to the rooftop lounge and its barbecues, City North Seattle offers its residents loads of amenities inside and outside its charming homes. Contact us today for information on our available apartment homes, as well as with any questions you have about living at our community.