Seattle Apartment Indoor Exercising

One of the reasons people join gyms and participate in events like community basketball and baseball teams is because those events are great for offering the motivation you need to get active. 

Unfortunately, the weather doesn’t always cooperate if you’re a fan of outdoor sports. However, there are a few easy ways to get your workout done inside your Seattle apartment, even if you don’t get to enjoy 

Workout Without Breaks for Intensity

One of the reasons it’s tough to work out on a regular basis is because finding the time to devote to a trip to the gym or an hour-long journey to a venue might be difficult when you have a busy schedule. 

Indoor workouts can solve the problem of working out during terrible weather in a manner that’s easy for even the busiest people to accommodate. One excellent way to make your indoor workouts even more effective is to perform bodyweight exercises without taking any breaks.  

An article from suggests one exercise:

“Do three sets of 30 proper crunches and then immediately go into a full plank and hold that position for 60 seconds. Do this back to back with only 20 second rests between each set. This will take approximately five minutes.”

The exercise will help you build core strength, as well as endurance, without ever leaving your apartment. You can also perform exercises like crunches, mountain climbers, and push-ups without giving yourself a significant break between your sets. 

Use a Few Simple Pieces of Equipment

Having a treadmill at your disposal is terrific, but it’s not always possible to fit a big piece of exercise equipment in an apartment, particularly if you live in a studio or a one-bedroom apartment in Seattle. 

However, there are plenty of basic pieces of exercise equipment that you can have at your disposal that can help you enjoy a varied and productive workout. One excellent piece of equipment is a free-weight set where you only have two bars (for each hand) but have several differently weighted discs.

You may find it helpful to have a bench on hand for different exercises, but you can also use a chair from your kitchen or dining room table for many exercises. If you’re keen on having a piece of furniture that can act as a weight bench, you can use a bench as a seat for one of the places at your table that can also be moved for use as a weight bench.

An actual set of weights isn’t even necessary for everyone. If you simply want to include a bit of extra weight when you work out and perform exercises like lunges, a few water bottles are a great place to start. 

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